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The staff at Fenton Montessori Academy are absolutely wonderful. The day to day development of my daughters has been enriched from the personal attention of the dedicated teachers. The Montessori Method has been fantastic as far as teaching my girls to work independently, concentrate, problem solve and helping them to teach others. They gradually introduce Montessori methodology as early as the Infant Room which provides a terrific framework for the learning that they will do throughout their early childhood. The combination of 3 and 4 year old children in the preschool classes has been especially beneficial for my oldest daughter. She was able to learn by working with the 4 year old children last year and now as an older child, is helping reinforce her own learning by working with the younger children.


My children love going to school at Fenton Montessori Academy and have been attending since 2013. I especially love the family filled environment. The owners and the staff are always pleasant and take great care of my children. I could not imagine taking them anywhere else. I truly appreciate all that is done for my children!


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