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Early Childhood Education


At Fenton Early Learning Center we will nurture our students' innate desire to learn by offering them a superior learning environment of respect and acceptance.  Our curriculum is a mixed based on Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy and creativity.   Dedicated and nurturing, certified preschool teachers create a child-centered environment that fosters independence, self-esteem, responsibility, self-motivation, and academic competency.

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Classroom and Materials

The classroom is set up for the ownership and success of the children.  All furnishings and materials were chosen for their size, beauty and ease of use.  The beauty of a simple, uncluttered environment allows the children to keep order, move easily and learn to respect and care for their own materials.  Children quickly adopt the classroom as their own and take much pride in this ownership.  This pride builds the foundation for work ethic and responsibility for years to come.

Self Guided Learning

The classroom environment is designed to stimulate the child's interest and encourage spontaneous, independent learning. Children are allowed freedom to choose their own work.  All children move through the curriculum at their own, unique pace. The teacher carefully observes each child, as an individual, to plan lessons and add new materials.

Multi-age Design

Classrooms are organized as a multi-age community in order to facilitate an environment of leadership and cooperation.  Older children learn compassion and leadership by teaching and aiding younger children.  Younger children develop skills by watching and imitating more advanced children.

Peace and Respect

Children are spoken to and treated with utmost respect at all times.  Behavior is managed through positive reinforcement and well designed community ground rules.  Children are guided through conflict management skills and problem solving techniques when disagreements occur with their peers.  Children are introduced to diverse cultural materials to foster peace and respect for all human kind.

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